Fitness Instructor Job Description

December 26, 2016

Fitness instructors or personal trainers work to increase individuals’ level of fitness through evaluating how fit they are, and working towards goals to optimise their fitness through the creation of structured programmes. They may work on a freelance basis in fitness clubs or health centres, they may work as corporate fitness instructors for companies, or they may work individually on a one to one basis with clients.

Fitness instructors are responsible for assessing a client’s well-being in terms of their blood pressure, weight, aerobic capacity, whether they have any health factors limiting their ability to get fitter e.g. asthma, and will assess whether they need to change aspects to do with their lifestyle.

They will work closely with clients in order to work out specific aims as regards fitness. These may include such things as losing weight, toning up, or gaining more energy. Once these have been agreed the instructor will work out a tailored programme including exercise, diet and lifestyle to create a path towards these goals.
The instructor needs to be involved with clients at every stage of their development and must be able to motivate people and provide regular feedback.

Qualifications in exercise science, health studies, sports studies and diet and nutrition are all useful for those working in this area. Employers also often like to see candidates who have completed examinations run by REPs, (the Register of Exercise Professionals). This has 4 entry levels – those with a relevant degree and at least six months experience will gain a level three, a level which most employers ask for.

Qualified fitness instructors can choose to move into specialist areas including working with disabled people or working rehabilitating people after injuries. They may decide to work with pre and post natal groups or run children’s exercise classes. Many fitness instructors also teach classes including yoga, aerobics, aqua-aerobics and Pilates for instance.

Prospects for personal instructors could be a move into sports management or they may progress to management within the fitness centre.

When working for personal clients instructors usually earn around £30-£50 per hour, dependent on location.

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